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Yard and Garden Decor

Backyards and front yards are not what they used to be when I was growing up. No water fountains, gnomes, or wind chimes. Back then, they mostly consisted of grass, my brothers had to mow every Saturday morning or a tree or two, like a pine tree that wasn’t meant to planted in the small front yard. Some trees grew so fast and huge that over the years, we had to hire a tree company for their removal. The houses did have some unappealing contrast… it would have a small plain concrete patio out the back door and a smaller one out the front door. Other than an occasional birthday party in the backyard where we would play pin the tail on the donkey or bobbing for apples, I really can’t remember using it much.

Neighborhoods were different, there seemed to be kids playing everywhere, we would mostly play outside in the streets, ride our bikes or play flay football in the streets, I remember, we would have a “car look-out person” that would yell “Car”! every time one was coming. Our great hop scotch tournaments on the sidewalk, four square games in the street, boy did we get a lot of use of the chalk!! We would play hide and go seek games at night until our moms would come out to yell “it’s was getting to late come in the house”. Maybe, it’s where I grow up in a new middle class suburban development of San Diego or the time, the 70’s. Maybe, no one could afford a water fountain or wind chime or anything more or maybe no one really cared much about the landscaping or the appeal of a water fountain. But what I am sure of, is things have really changed when it comes to landscaping.

Today, like we decorate our homes interior to reflect our unique and personal taste, we now add water fountains, gnomes and wind chimes to reflect our unique taste to our yards and gardens. We express ourselves though our landscaping. Now we use water fountains, wind chimes and gnomes to accentuate our artistic side. Weather you prefer water fountains or maybe a backyard pond, your creations, add harmony and soothing sounds and relaxing sights. Maybe its a tropical theme or a creative rock scape you desire. Some people, love built in barbecues or fire pits so at night you can create that bonfire feeling with our family and friends or to use it for roasting wieners or marshmallows right in our own backyard! And the concrete patios?, well with all the beautiful paves and stamped concrete in many colors we no longer settle with that plain gray look. Some yards have outdoor kitchens and gazebos complete with all the amenities of an indoor kitchen. Retaining walls made out of so many different materials as well as a raised flower beds creates dimension. Our yards, spotted with water fountains, gnomes and occasional wind chimes or hammock have become our sanctuary, our personal place to escape and relax.

There are so many great items to put in the yard or garden to express our personal side like garden stakes, once you have one you’ll want more. They are a fun and an inexpensive way to add color, excitement and art to your yard. With their witty and winsome charm, cute garden gnomes are a great way to welcome a visitors. I like wind chimes a lot but one of my favorite things to hang from a tree branch or nail to a fence post are birdhouses. They come in so many designs and are a fun way to help lodge several birds and also offer shelter to our feather friends, but lets not forget bird feeders, you won’t believe how many birds are in your area until you hang one up! There’s also stylish pots in all shapes and sizes to show off your flowers and plants, solar garden lights create a stunning ambiance that allows us to enjoy the beauty of our gardens anytime and saves on the electric bill. Hanging up a hammock or hammock swing is not only a great way to enhance your yard but it will release stress and swing away your daily worries while a wind chime provides soothing sounds.

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

If there’s one magazine that caters to the needs and requirements of every family, it has to be Better Homes and Gardens magazine. As the name suggests, the topics relate to the overall growth of not just the four walls comprising home, but also the aesthetic appeal of your abode. With newer and fresher ideas to perk up your home and garden, Better Homes and Gardens magazine sure knows how to fire up the imagination of family-oriented people, like you.

“Plants home and garden”

The importance of a nicely decked up home and garden can never be undermined. After all, your home is the first creator of opinions about the people living in it. For the outsiders, your home and garden reflect your personality. And it is your duty to make your home and garden a desirable place for the visitors as well as those living in it.

And here’s where the useful tips from Better Homes and Gardens magazine come in handy. The topics are as diverse as possible. There’s hardly any aspect relating to home improvement and gardening that is not covered by this magazine. The topics range from ideas for decorating to cooking to gardening to building to rebuilding and remodeling to education to travel to healthy living to healthy recipes and money management. The how-to tips are both interesting and vital for any beautiful home. You may have the best of resources but if you don’t know how to make the best use of these resources, then having these resources is meaningless.

Primarily targeted at husband and wives who have family as their top-most priority, Better Homes and Gardens magazine is both informational and inspirational. You get to learn so many things about home improvement, gardening and healthy living in a single issue that you’d love to keep all the yearly issues with you as a ready reference.

Antique Garden Decor

The annual Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville is coming up in February at the Nashville Convention Center. This is a show with beautiful floral presentations and of fabulous antiques and decorative arts.

You will see antique vases, porcelain, silver, paintings, oriental rugs and more at the antique booths. The horticultural booths will have architectural elements for the home and garden. They will have furnishings, orchids, whimsical accessories and more. There will also be exhibition gardens designed by Nashville landscape professionals.

There will be more than 150 antique-selling booths and garden booths at the show. The show attracts thousands of attendees of all ages each year. Going to the show is a great way to get inspiration for decorating your home inside and out.

Two well-known experts in the fields of antiques, decorative arts and landscape design will be speaking at this event. New York-based interior designer Charlotte Moss will be one of the speakers. Charlotte has written seven books and has designed collections of china, fabric, carpet, decorative accessories and home fragrance. Sarah Champier will also be speaking at this event. She was the personal florist to Prince Charles for 11 years.

The Nashville Convention Center is in the heart of downtown Nashville Tennessee. Visitors to the Antiques and garden show may also want to visit some Nashville tourist attractions. The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium are both within walking distance from the Nashville Convention Center. There are also plenty of downtown Nashville restaurants for dining.

Enchantment to Homes and Gardens

In times of austerity and economic downturn, we all need a little extra happiness and joy in our lives, and these can come from the simplest of things, such as home-made cookies, hand made gifts and expressing our creativity through our homes and gardens. Fairy decorations appeal to adults just as much as to children, evoking, as they do, buried memories of childhood innocence, stories, fun, and unquestioning faith that fairies, sprites, pixies and elves do exist to enchant our world. Their very elusiveness makes them more magical, more enticing, more fun.

Fairy baby

This is  a delightful choice of nursery theme for a boy or a girl because fairy decorations lend themselves so well to a whole range of pastel color schemes and soft lighting effects. Take your inspiration from traditional illustrated fairy stories and the work of artists such as Kate Greenaway, Cecily Mary Barker and Arthur Rackham or follow the style of icing sugar castles and bright colours used in modern cartoon fairytales.

Outdoor Fairy Garden

Creating an outdoor fairy garden together is a perfect way to introduce young children to the thrill and contentment of working with nature. Grow a variety of miniature plants and wild flowers, adding complementary fairy decorations such as miniature solar lights, lanterns, ornamental butterflies, birds and bees, magical runes, fairy ornaments and statues. Look for small, low growing plants and make sure there are plenty of places for your fairy visitors to shelter from prying human eyes.

Indoor Fairy Garden

Think about an indoor fairy garden too. Indoor garden fairy decorations could include a water feature (real or illusory using mirrors), a fairy house ornament (you’ll find that many of the famous china manufacturers produce miniature cottages and even trinket boxes in the shape of toadstools and other fairy decorations that would provide a perfect home for your indoor garden fairy). You can make or buy paper or fabric flowers, use doll’s house seats and tables and provide a bonsai tree for shade. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with your fairy decorations, wherever you choose to use them.

Fairy Wall

Another popular idea to bring some fairy whimsy to your home, a fairy wall  makes the perfect fantasy fairy decoration for your little princess. Adapt the theme to better suit the tastes of a little boy by featuring pixies, elves, wizards and woodland animals. Silver, pewter and even plastic photo frames can be found with intaglio, embossed or painted fairy decorations and you can complete the wall with shelves for all those much loved books of fairy tales. Add some twinkling fairy lights, glow in the dark stars and sweet dreams are assured!