Unique Birdhouses and Garden Decor Birdhouses

As decorative as a wood birdhouse is it still needs a level of functionality, one aspect you need to decide on is color. If your garden décor birdhouses are strictly decorative birdhouses then you may want to choose a color that will stand out, or compliment your lawn ornaments. On the other hand if you want to provide shelter and a safe haven for nesting birds in your area, bright colors are out. You will be doing a great disservice to your tenants because the brighter the wood birdhouse is the more attention it will draw for potential predators. The Beach Bungalow Birdhouse is a blend of earthly colors and as decorative birdhouses go it fits the bill, no pun intended. Once you have chosen your decorative bird houses based on your needs and what type of species you’re hoping to attract the next step is placement.

Every species of bird nests in varying types of locations. If you know what kinds of birds you want to attract you should place your decorative birdhouses in areas where those types of birds live. Unique birdhouses placed on a fence post or tree in a wooded area will attract nuthatches and woodpeckers. Where as decorative birdhouses hung in an open field or large backyard with little vegetation would be comfortable for bluebirds, swallows, and certain types of wrens.

Look your chosen location over paying close attention to the surrounding area. Avoid spots that don’t provide protective cover, even decorative birdhouses on a post in an open field should have trees within flying distance. And, an area too thickly surrounded by vegetation won’t give the birds a clear flight path to and from the wood birdhouses.

Different species of birds require very precise heights in order to feel safe enough to nest, so do some research on the exact height distance requirements before hanging your unique birdhouses. If possible, place your decorative birdhouses near birdfeeders or birdbaths so that the birds will have easy access to food and water, helping them feel more at home in your garden décor birdhouses will make them more likely to stay.

Now, after you have hung all your unique birdhouses or decorative birdhouses and you don’t see the activity you were expecting, try adding nesting materials close by. Not all birds will use decorative birdhouses but they all search out and gather some form of nesting material. Some of your common natural nest materials include; twigs, bark, leaves, feathers and the like. Man made nesting materials you can find around your home might be: cotton, yarn, strings and my favorite’s dryer lint and pet hair. Let’s face it, a purpose for dryer lint and pet hair, I love it! A mesh produce bag works well to secure and hang the bundle of material. Try these ideas and you will have a greater chance of seeing occupied and functional decorative birdhouses.